Saturday, 31 July 2010

Fellow Bloggers..

Picture take by 'Styleeast blogger' - Don't actually know her name
Silk scarf - camden, Dress - Vintage jumble sale thing at East End Thrift Store, Loafers - £2 Whitstable car boot.

Got my picture taken by a street style blogger today, it's happened before but they never seem to tell me what their blog is actually called. No fair!!

But today she did, she was lovely. I'm jealous of her 'asking to take peoples picture skills'.

If you look back to one of my older posts you will see I mentioned that I wanted to start doing this, however I have yet to start as I get shy then run away and can't ask. Well dressed people are even more scarier than normal people :O

p.s. why o why o why do I always look so pissed off in photos, GERT NEEDS TO LEARN TO SHMILE!

1 comment:

  1. You look great, who needs smiling anyway!

    Thanks for the link across - good to have discovered your blog too. The trick to street shooting is act like you do it all the time which, after a while, you do!

    Jennifer x