Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Three days of drink drugs nd rock n roll does not do one much good. see bellow >

wow I am just way too attractive

p.s. I still haven’t showered so please don’t judge.

har har har.

So yeah, this weekend I was at lounge on the farm festival.. and I have to say it was o so amazing. The combination of perfect weather and amazing bands just made the weekend.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take any photos, not a single one...


*Tear runs down face*

It is very likely that this was because of the extreme amount of fun that I was having.

No time to take silly little photos!

So here, This is my tan, Take a peek, I’m rather proud of it, considering the fact that my normal skin colour has a yellowy tinge to it, which seems to make me look rather ill.

Ah well not any more... YAY ME.

note: arm on top belongs to sister

Oo and last but very not least, I thought I would have to tell you the very best act of the weekend
(in my opinion) was Nimmo and The Gauntletts.

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