Saturday, 28 April 2012


making an animated gif
part of a final piece. not how it was supposed to be. everything went wrong in the making. base and shade should have been glazed ceramic. but such is life. kilns suck and are so unpredictable. but end result could have been A LOT WORSE. so i am happy.
what's with all all these short sentences? i'm tired.

it has been a long long time

WOW A LOT HAS CHANGED ON BLOGGER. bleh not cool. i don't know how to navigate anymore. djsfkdjsahfjanfsjd. this is what happens when i you're not on the internet for like ten billion years. and often it only has to be a few seconds. sucks.
my computer broke. then i had like tons of work. and now i have even more work. whoop. so no time for anything at the moment. ALL MY ART IS DUE IN NEXT WEEK. stressy times. only thing to make me smile. my cats. shows how long i've been away. they're 7 weeks now and I haven't been on since before they were born. dah. CRAZY.
I'll now be away for another 30 years. YAY. kay bai.

also also.. this post sucks cus i have nothing to say.