Friday, 17 August 2012

venturing to the seaside for some awesomeness


somebody knows me too well.. this is pretty awesome!

Monday, 13 August 2012

been away in greece for three weeks

how do you make gifs
been away for almost a month and it's pretty strange being back. but nice to see the cats. *smile* there are probably holiday pictures somewhere buuut they can come later if i feel like it. i thought it would be more fun to show off two pairs of shoes i got while i was there. 20 euros for both the pairs. i does love them. people i was sailing with got them for my 18th from a little old shoe shop in the most random town where clearly they were still selling the shoe stock from twenty years ago. it was pretty sweet! went sailing around the greek islands with some friends in their boat. sailing is stressful there is never a dull moment!!! pah. if only you could relate.
a really attractive picture of me from yesterday when i got home showing some colour gradient.
 it was so hot. too hot. but fun.
being on a boat you are never far from the sea! this makes the heat acceptable.