Saturday, 31 July 2010

Fellow Bloggers..

Picture take by 'Styleeast blogger' - Don't actually know her name
Silk scarf - camden, Dress - Vintage jumble sale thing at East End Thrift Store, Loafers - £2 Whitstable car boot.

Got my picture taken by a street style blogger today, it's happened before but they never seem to tell me what their blog is actually called. No fair!!

But today she did, she was lovely. I'm jealous of her 'asking to take peoples picture skills'.

If you look back to one of my older posts you will see I mentioned that I wanted to start doing this, however I have yet to start as I get shy then run away and can't ask. Well dressed people are even more scarier than normal people :O

p.s. why o why o why do I always look so pissed off in photos, GERT NEEDS TO LEARN TO SHMILE!

Charity shop + Henry Holland = VERY happy Gert.

I went to the charity shop round the corner from my house (which one this is however is a secret) and purchased some pretty cool findings. YEEE. Ooo and I got two FREE videos (yes Gert does still watch video's, THEY'RE CHEAPER!!), Dirty Dancing and Cocktail.

Three pairs of House of Holland tights, and two pairs of Pretty Polly tights.. They're all nomy nomy nomy.

Unfortunately two were in pink, which is a colour that scares me a little. But they are such yum things that they had to be bought. And to replace my old ripped, kind of dirty grey ones.seebellow. (yellow and faded.. 'YAY VINTAGE' pah or maybe not). They actually had the ones I had, the one with all the house's all over, I'm kinda regretting not buying them.. may go back tomorrow.

My old pair, laddered and shriveled - I used nail polish to stop them laddering.. I only had black. Fail me.

All for only £10 (£2 each), I say £10, that's actually quite a lot for me.. But I made £15 baby sitting last night and have been working at Leila's Shop, so thought I could splash out!!
p.s. yes they were all new and not opened. ha.

My favorite are the blue ones they get lighter as you go down (:

I sound like a small child :)

One day I shall post a picture of me wearing them.

One day..

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I have extremely lovely friends!

My friend Angelica came back from America last week,and because she's sooo lovely she brought me back all these Reece's nomy noms!! YAY ME.
p.s. yes I did eat some already.. I couldn't bare the suspense. food always comes before photo taking, and omg there is no cereal in this world that beats reece's puffs!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes.

For a girl I'm pretty rubbish with shoes really, I mean I love brogues, loafers, trainers and sandals, buuut high heels wise I'm not really that fussed.

However, once upon a time there was a pair of BIG PHAT PINK SWADE ones. Gert really liked these, they made her laugh, she thought that they were so crazy and ridiculous that they just had to be worn.

She couldn't resist...

Do excuse the awful pictures..
The problem with being into photography is once you start getting reasonably good, you can't bare for anybody to take you your photo. It just starts to feel so wrong and awkward, you get so used to giving the directions, that you forget how to smile.

You love them already don't you?

note: rhetorical question.

Friday, 16 July 2010


So yesterday while my sister was shopping she got scouted by Vidal Sassoon to be a hair model (it is very likely that this may be because of her previously beautiful hair style *cough*cough* or perhaps not so beautiful, I think they kinda clocked that she didn't really give a f**ck and therefor they could really do what they wanted... YAY THEM!!).

Anyways enough of me being rude about her and her choice of hair doos, I am suposed to be telling a positive story.

*slaps cheek*

Right, so today while I was braking nails trying to get the bottom bracket off my bike (me being extremely UN-successful) my sister 'Nelly' went to Vidal Sassoon to get her hair cut, FOR FREE.

She was made to sit on this stage in front of about 50 students, while she got her hair cut, styled and dyed by a 'professional'.

And now this is where I cry..

*Gert crys*

Yes thats right, I is o so very jealous, it's awesome and weird and wacky and wonderful, and it's not fair!

I bet you want to see don't you. Welllllll you smell so no, you not allowed.

*Slaps cheek*

Okay okay I'll show you, stop shouting!!

Wait, annnnnd guess what, not only is it awesome, it was also kinda what I wanted to do.. I wanted to dye my hair blue then let it turn grey. POO HER.

O sorry, the pictures, right, here you go!!!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Three days of drink drugs nd rock n roll does not do one much good. see bellow >

wow I am just way too attractive

p.s. I still haven’t showered so please don’t judge.

har har har.

So yeah, this weekend I was at lounge on the farm festival.. and I have to say it was o so amazing. The combination of perfect weather and amazing bands just made the weekend.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take any photos, not a single one...


*Tear runs down face*

It is very likely that this was because of the extreme amount of fun that I was having.

No time to take silly little photos!

So here, This is my tan, Take a peek, I’m rather proud of it, considering the fact that my normal skin colour has a yellowy tinge to it, which seems to make me look rather ill.

Ah well not any more... YAY ME.

note: arm on top belongs to sister

Oo and last but very not least, I thought I would have to tell you the very best act of the weekend
(in my opinion) was Nimmo and The Gauntletts.


This is a little late, although saying that the trill of it has still not left me.

Two weekends ago, I had my very early birthday party... you see as my ‘real’ birthday is on the 2nd of August this means that no one is ever around as its right in the middle of the summer holidays.

*sad face*

Anyways yeah, that being so meant I had it on the 2nd of July rather than the 2nd of august.

It was really cool actually, it was like a dress up party, with like nomy cakes and little triangle sandwiches.

Anyway let me get to the point.

My birthday present from Jack (Jack being my best friend from like forever), I got all these clothes of his mums that they found when cleaning out her room, (Well actually it wasn’t my ‘real’ birthday present, it was more of a “here take these as its not actually your birthday yet but I have to give you something so take these as they are really cool and don’t worry deary I still have your other birthday present but I’m going to give it to you nearer the time.”


*Takes breath*

So I thought that some of the stuff was so wonderbubbles that I took some pictures for all the world to see!

Paper Horse Jacket - this is like the best thing ever ever EVER! Not only does it have
horses on, but its also made out of this weird paper type material.. I know your jealous really.

Uth Blazer

Yak Magik Leather Shirt - extremely random but coooool, will definitely post some
pictures of me wearing it at some point.

Silk Gap Skirt - Looks great pulled up over the waist

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Found an issue of Nova magazine from July 2000 today, all about Kate Moss!!

How exciting I hear you say..

Yes, this I true.

I also hear your teeth chattering in earnest..

The article was quite interesting actually, kinda a question and answer type thing. I would have taken better pictures of the article and linked it to my flickr so you could have read it, but nahhh I is a lazy fella you see.

Listen to this rambling.

Here I shan't drag it out any longer....

"I don't feel exploited. It's my choice"

"I like them because they are provocative, but not in a sexy way, and because I felt so comfortable shooting the story. I wasn't like 'Oh I've got my tits out.' I was in my own environment and I think the pictures show a kind of intimacy."

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Do take a peek...


Lets start again...

I have decided that I should really start this up again, so yah hear it goes!

*slaps wrist*

I am yet to have anything up to date and interesting, but I must post something soo I'll post an outfit.

Ralph lauren Blazer - free from jack, Crab shirt - Gap from when I was like 7,
High wasted levi jeans (501's) - From dad, Topshop socks - christmas pressie daisy,
Brogues - £5 charity shop.

I have also decided that since it is the summer and I have wayyy to much time I am going to start doing some street style photography.

I need to bite my lip now and get out there!!!