Thursday, 30 September 2010

Stalking people is fun...

...but when they stare back at you it's scary

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I'll keep it fairly short, just like the holiday *smiles*

Right, so yeah, I obviously went to Amsterdam as you can see from the title and picture.. It was AMAZING!!! Gert may be in love... Annd not to encourage the stereotype but i did smell weed the second I stepped off the train *chuckles* twas o so amusing.

I think one of my favourite parts were the bikes, if you don't know me already then you may not know that I have a mini obsession with bikes, and I'm pretty sure they do in Amsterdam too...

Bike multi story 'car' park

They're cool they have this weird braking system 'coaster brakes' on them, similar to fixed gear bikes where you brake by stopping the pedals but you can coast. It's very cool. And not to sound stupid but everyone has dutch bikes *chuckles* obviously aye?

There are also like millions of flea markets scattered around the place, which was awesome. Got these.. nice and sophisticated!!!

Tasty shirt

Blue pin stripped Levis

Flowery shorts

Awesome I'm cool leggings

Adidas hat
Hat+Shirt €2
Levis+Shorts+Leggings €6
Total €8.
clothes scanned in.

And now last but very not least, the main thing about Amsterdam is that it is BEAUTIFUL. Don't forget that sonny jim!!!

even when its raining.

O also, just have to add that from next weekend I shall promise (promises are made 'not' to be broken, I may brake it, sorry) that I will start regularly updating it.. from then I shall hopefully have my camera *crosses fingers*. The pain that I have been through not having a camera has been unbearable.. I didn't even have one in Amsterdam, woe is me, only my mothers silly compact which makes me angry and my Nikkormat film, but I'm poor so can't afford film or to get the photos developed. This made me very sad. but from next weekend I shall be set freeeeee. YAY. *again crosses fingers*

Friday, 10 September 2010

MOtHerS camErA - ME mODeL - CLOtheS MINe - blazer-charity shop £4, tshirt-hasumi bday pressie, pocket watch necklace-jack cus he's loverly, belt-vintage rumble, shorts-whitstable charity shop 99p, chair-awesome - dats de fing ima standin in.

I also see a slight wedgie ;)

My loverly Jack and I at the V&A. as stated in previous post BEST GALLERY EVER.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

This is how much my friends love me.

facebook, posted today by 'friend' isabella : saw this and thought of you :P xx
me: Lav you too BABES. (I don't really say babes, eww eww eww)
although I have to say, it really is a rather fetching dress.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Gert needs a good old talking to...

Basically I've been a very PHAT little grill and not moved from my mummy bear chair for like 3287412057823 years. Its not good.

small lie. i've maybe been out too much and not been concentrating and been supremely distracted by things that really don't matter in life like watching 'young dumb and living off mum' and drinking cider on street corners.

if only that was a lie.

But no, in all seriousness, the main reason why I haven't posted is because I've been selling my camera so I can get an upgrade.. but things have been taking longer than I thought so I haven't got my new one yet. *tear runs from eye*

Best things Gert's done since her last post:
  • Went to a vintage jumble thing - bank holiday special, meaning large bag was only £10 YAYME
  • The V&A with Jack, I think I could live there, it's so quiet and spooky and everything a museum should be!
  • Finished my bike - FINALLY!!! the pain and suffering I had to go through to get it finally finished still brings me nightmares, will post a picture of it when I get my new camera.
I believe that's about as interesting as my life gets, then of course I think I've spent about my whole summer taking in/up dresses, o so time consuming.

I also like pictures, so here are some oldies - something like 'I HAVE AMAZING CAMERA SKILLS'
Mc D's mega whopper
People on london transport at new year are awesome!!
This scares me.
all taken on my petri 7s 35mm

p.s. i does start schoolies next thursday, soo will have trillions of things to post about. first day of 6th form. im scared. lots of big scary old people. well my age. but i feel old now.