Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tato Printing

So my mum asked me to make the christmas cards, and I was bored and watching "Kirstie's Homemade Home", so from the inspiration of her awesomeness *cough*cough* I decided to go 'old school' and do some potato printing. ITS WAY FUN. you must try it. trust me.

might also, when I am very bored again, try and do some t-shirt printing.. hmm I wonder if that will work?? It must yes?..

Oh and I have been doing all this when really I should be doing coursework as I have my art AS mock next week. BLAH.
*hits keyboard in frustration*
swear I'm normal

note: 'MC' meaning Merry Christmas. WOW I am soo cool!

snow like the snow outside PAH.

so if you're lucky you may be getting one of these from me this year...

p.s. do you think i've gone a little mad? maybe? yes? who knows?.
i want one of these

first SNOW!!

in LANDAN we does get o so excited by even a spec of snow. the amount of facebook status' about snow at this moment in time is rather amusing, so i thought i would follow in this trend and make a whole post about the excitement of it snowing in london. YAY. it's snowing right now actually. YAY. makes me feel all christmasy. YAY.

DEAR SANTA... i'm sure even he uses the world wide web these days..

my letter to santa, purposely the wrong way round, so only creepy stalker people will be able to read it :D

Sunday, 28 November 2010

too many crappy posts in the last hour, so heres another...

two samples inspired but louise bourgeois


saw her stuff at 'cockpit arts, open house' today, and it's unbelievably CUTE.
i does want this necklace, i may just make one myself..
Eagle vs Shark.
seriously go and watch it right now!!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

2x broken shoes.

in the last two weeks I have broken two pairs of shoes; well actually they have decided two break all on their own accord.
*sad face*
first my beautiful pair of hand made brogues
which I now have to take to the little elf's and the shoe makers, which is most possibly going to cost me trillions of pounds, luckily I only got them for £5 from the charity shop, so should make up for them not costing me £200 or something crazy like that

then my m&s loafers (£2 from the car boot at my dads)
which the stupid chain thing broke off, so hopefully I'll be able to sew it back on or something like that...

both perhaps showing the downfall in buying second hand shoes, although saying that my brogues were practically brand new, and still aren't even broken in to, I think I just have some stupid walk which makes my shoes break all the time. I need to learn to fly.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Friday, 12 November 2010

Adidas Day.

Today was 'Adidas day'. Well it wasn't really really 'Adidas day', but it was 'tie day friday' which means it can be any day that we want.



house - 'heidi plant project' + my chain + some masking take = house on necklace. YAY.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Love my hat

got a hat from a vintage jumble. made a pompom. stitched the pompom on the hat. gert trys to smile. gert can't smile. but gert is smiling inside. how cheesy. but she is. gert should really stop talking in the third person. makes her sound slightly crazy. gert smiles. only inside though. but she is smiling. gert leaves computer now.

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Yup, so yesterday I tried o so hard to do some street style photography (both for my art A level and the blog) but it failed.

*slaps self*


reason for this fail:
1. I got all shy and couldn't face approaching the 'cool kids', not even the awesome older peoples you see out and about on a autumn afternoon (all wrapped up with their paisley scarfs and tweed jackets). Something that I really need to sort out, because I am pretty sure they don't bite!
2. Distracted and side tracked searching for the perfect pair of creepers, which also failed. Pretty much found the perfect pair, 'George Cox' and everything.. buut they were too big.
*tear drops onto keyboard*
3. Decided that going into MANY art galleries made up for the fact I didn't take any pictures. in reality it did not.

Although it's not all bad, I did take ONE.
but its a pretty failed photo, too over exposed and slightly out of focus. ahhh shucks!!

he reminds me of a cross between 'Quentin Blake' and 'Woody Allen', to pretty awesome fella's.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

I'm Here.

Spike Jonze, short film 'I'm Here' - amazing director
also directed 'Where The Wild Things Are'
Watched the film a while back, just stumbled across it again, and thought it would be nice to share the masterpiece with the world wide web! It's quite sad but 'adorable', so be prepared...

Click 'here' to see the film.