Sunday, 7 November 2010


Yup, so yesterday I tried o so hard to do some street style photography (both for my art A level and the blog) but it failed.

*slaps self*


reason for this fail:
1. I got all shy and couldn't face approaching the 'cool kids', not even the awesome older peoples you see out and about on a autumn afternoon (all wrapped up with their paisley scarfs and tweed jackets). Something that I really need to sort out, because I am pretty sure they don't bite!
2. Distracted and side tracked searching for the perfect pair of creepers, which also failed. Pretty much found the perfect pair, 'George Cox' and everything.. buut they were too big.
*tear drops onto keyboard*
3. Decided that going into MANY art galleries made up for the fact I didn't take any pictures. in reality it did not.

Although it's not all bad, I did take ONE.
but its a pretty failed photo, too over exposed and slightly out of focus. ahhh shucks!!

he reminds me of a cross between 'Quentin Blake' and 'Woody Allen', to pretty awesome fella's.


  1. I'm guessing Petra, is a Swedish girl? ANd you, Scandinavian or German. I like the spread below. Come and visit me too, soon.


  2. Don't be shy! It's so easy once you get going!

  3. Ha thanks, and nah she's actually eastern European 'and amazing looking'.. o so slightly jealous har har.. and me english (well technically I'm half canadian 'one eighth american indian' YAY ME, then quarter english and quarter american haha). But yus I shall def go and check your blog out.

    Gert x

  4. good effort though hey. you have nothing to loose bye asking though.

  5. haha, cool post!
    may be this is your streethunter style!
    like distracted snaps!

    Tonio, from the lovely san BLOG
    Hope you like my blog.
    See you