Saturday, 27 November 2010

2x broken shoes.

in the last two weeks I have broken two pairs of shoes; well actually they have decided two break all on their own accord.
*sad face*
first my beautiful pair of hand made brogues
which I now have to take to the little elf's and the shoe makers, which is most possibly going to cost me trillions of pounds, luckily I only got them for £5 from the charity shop, so should make up for them not costing me £200 or something crazy like that

then my m&s loafers (£2 from the car boot at my dads)
which the stupid chain thing broke off, so hopefully I'll be able to sew it back on or something like that...

both perhaps showing the downfall in buying second hand shoes, although saying that my brogues were practically brand new, and still aren't even broken in to, I think I just have some stupid walk which makes my shoes break all the time. I need to learn to fly.

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