Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tato Printing

So my mum asked me to make the christmas cards, and I was bored and watching "Kirstie's Homemade Home", so from the inspiration of her awesomeness *cough*cough* I decided to go 'old school' and do some potato printing. ITS WAY FUN. you must try it. trust me.

might also, when I am very bored again, try and do some t-shirt printing.. hmm I wonder if that will work?? It must yes?..

Oh and I have been doing all this when really I should be doing coursework as I have my art AS mock next week. BLAH.
*hits keyboard in frustration*
swear I'm normal

note: 'MC' meaning Merry Christmas. WOW I am soo cool!

snow like the snow outside PAH.

so if you're lucky you may be getting one of these from me this year...

p.s. do you think i've gone a little mad? maybe? yes? who knows?.