Friday, 10 December 2010

ebay + AMAZING shoes = VERY happy gert.

Kay I've been in a textiles exam for two days, and have an art exam next week (which i still have NO idea what I am doing) so I have been kinda stressed, and the most tired that I have EVER been (even managed to leave my bag somewhere.. couldn't remember if I had brought it with, where I had left it, or even where I had been. FAIL).

And soo, getting these shoes in the post when I arrived home made me VERY HAPPY.

i've been wanting swedish hasbeens for ever, but since they are like crazy expensive i would NEVER be able to afford them. but then one fine day i found these dr marten shoes which are kinda cloggy, on ebay. heel's a lot bigger in real life. everyone loves the wonders of ebay don't they, and if not, then they are just SILLY.

£20, bit pricey for my standards, but for basically band new DM's and being my one true love it's not too bad!!

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