Tuesday, 13 July 2010


This is a little late, although saying that the trill of it has still not left me.

Two weekends ago, I had my very early birthday party... you see as my ‘real’ birthday is on the 2nd of August this means that no one is ever around as its right in the middle of the summer holidays.

*sad face*

Anyways yeah, that being so meant I had it on the 2nd of July rather than the 2nd of august.

It was really cool actually, it was like a dress up party, with like nomy cakes and little triangle sandwiches.

Anyway let me get to the point.

My birthday present from Jack (Jack being my best friend from like forever), I got all these clothes of his mums that they found when cleaning out her room, (Well actually it wasn’t my ‘real’ birthday present, it was more of a “here take these as its not actually your birthday yet but I have to give you something so take these as they are really cool and don’t worry deary I still have your other birthday present but I’m going to give it to you nearer the time.”


*Takes breath*

So I thought that some of the stuff was so wonderbubbles that I took some pictures for all the world to see!

Paper Horse Jacket - this is like the best thing ever ever EVER! Not only does it have
horses on, but its also made out of this weird paper type material.. I know your jealous really.

Uth Blazer

Yak Magik Leather Shirt - extremely random but coooool, will definitely post some
pictures of me wearing it at some point.

Silk Gap Skirt - Looks great pulled up over the waist


  1. That momma had some serious style! I really love that horse jacket and the gap skirt. Happy birthday!

  2. Haha I know right!! She is a pretty cool fella (: