Friday, 16 July 2010


So yesterday while my sister was shopping she got scouted by Vidal Sassoon to be a hair model (it is very likely that this may be because of her previously beautiful hair style *cough*cough* or perhaps not so beautiful, I think they kinda clocked that she didn't really give a f**ck and therefor they could really do what they wanted... YAY THEM!!).

Anyways enough of me being rude about her and her choice of hair doos, I am suposed to be telling a positive story.

*slaps cheek*

Right, so today while I was braking nails trying to get the bottom bracket off my bike (me being extremely UN-successful) my sister 'Nelly' went to Vidal Sassoon to get her hair cut, FOR FREE.

She was made to sit on this stage in front of about 50 students, while she got her hair cut, styled and dyed by a 'professional'.

And now this is where I cry..

*Gert crys*

Yes thats right, I is o so very jealous, it's awesome and weird and wacky and wonderful, and it's not fair!

I bet you want to see don't you. Welllllll you smell so no, you not allowed.

*Slaps cheek*

Okay okay I'll show you, stop shouting!!

Wait, annnnnd guess what, not only is it awesome, it was also kinda what I wanted to do.. I wanted to dye my hair blue then let it turn grey. POO HER.

O sorry, the pictures, right, here you go!!!

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