Thursday, 8 July 2010

Found an issue of Nova magazine from July 2000 today, all about Kate Moss!!

How exciting I hear you say..

Yes, this I true.

I also hear your teeth chattering in earnest..

The article was quite interesting actually, kinda a question and answer type thing. I would have taken better pictures of the article and linked it to my flickr so you could have read it, but nahhh I is a lazy fella you see.

Listen to this rambling.

Here I shan't drag it out any longer....

"I don't feel exploited. It's my choice"

"I like them because they are provocative, but not in a sexy way, and because I felt so comfortable shooting the story. I wasn't like 'Oh I've got my tits out.' I was in my own environment and I think the pictures show a kind of intimacy."

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