Saturday, 31 July 2010

Charity shop + Henry Holland = VERY happy Gert.

I went to the charity shop round the corner from my house (which one this is however is a secret) and purchased some pretty cool findings. YEEE. Ooo and I got two FREE videos (yes Gert does still watch video's, THEY'RE CHEAPER!!), Dirty Dancing and Cocktail.

Three pairs of House of Holland tights, and two pairs of Pretty Polly tights.. They're all nomy nomy nomy.

Unfortunately two were in pink, which is a colour that scares me a little. But they are such yum things that they had to be bought. And to replace my old ripped, kind of dirty grey ones.seebellow. (yellow and faded.. 'YAY VINTAGE' pah or maybe not). They actually had the ones I had, the one with all the house's all over, I'm kinda regretting not buying them.. may go back tomorrow.

My old pair, laddered and shriveled - I used nail polish to stop them laddering.. I only had black. Fail me.

All for only £10 (£2 each), I say £10, that's actually quite a lot for me.. But I made £15 baby sitting last night and have been working at Leila's Shop, so thought I could splash out!!
p.s. yes they were all new and not opened. ha.

My favorite are the blue ones they get lighter as you go down (:

I sound like a small child :)

One day I shall post a picture of me wearing them.

One day..

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