Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Had a most fantabulous day yesterday - 2nd of August

the story goes:

1. woke up and opened pressents - Woody Doll (Yes I am 16 now, and No I am not obsessed, one day I'll make a post about my beanie baby collection pehe), £50 from dad (extremely surprised as my father is a self employed artist 'painter/sculptor' and doesn't even make enough money to pay his bill pah, must have got lucky this month! thanks dad!!), £20 from canadian grandparents (may combine my dads money with my grandparents and buy a brooks saddle for my new fixie bike), a Greyson Perry scarf (although I'm gonna get the money from this and get something more sentimental and long lasting - from my mum), and chocolate cake from Patisserie Valerie... then like a couple of weeks ago had my early bday party, twas a dress up tea party thing and got lots of clothes, and nom noms.

2. ate cake at 9 in the morning

3. 10 minutes later made PROPER canadian pancakes, with blue berries and bacon and maple syrup and cream and yum - no pictures though, fail Gert!! couldn't quite finish it, had to get my mum to have the last bites :D

4. got on the 19 but after like half an hour after missing like 2 and my mum fuming (the most embarrassing thing is your mum shouting at london transport in the middle of the street). Got off at Kings Road and went to Worlds End. Its was pretty awesome, especially the HATS!

5. then we saw like all these charity shops and couldn't hold back so we had a little browse. I got The Basketball Diaries on video.

6. walked up to the Saachi gallery - interesting exhibition

7. acted like giggly little girls and went to the Vivienne Westwood shop, Liberty's andSelfridges. It was VERY fun.

8. got PONYO from hmv...

9. got o soo much sushi... nom noM NOM!

10. watched the movie - it was incredibly adorable, seriously has to be watched!!

11. slept.

my incredibly nomy cake :)

I look sad, but I promise you I was VERY happy. PINK collar - made by me, PINK t-shirt - sisters, PINK corduroy high waited trousers - £1 from a textiles craft church in Norwich, PINK socks - sisters, PINK nike shoes - sisters. note: I don't actually like pink..

Saachi gallery - me being cool!

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