Sunday, 15 August 2010


This week I've been in Whitstable. A little seaside town in Kent, unfortunately the weather has been rather unfortunate, that being said its still been o so wonderbubbles!!!


i did get THREE hats.

embarrassingly every time I come here, the thing that I am most excited about is the charity shops... not the sea. shameful shameful. its like SHOPPING but cheap!! although these day charity shops have become rather pricey... I BLAME MARY QUEEN OF SHOPS. a charity shop is not a trendy place nor a clean place but a place with cheap dirty clothes that nobody would ever want!

Anyways, to the point .

Basically Gert loves hats

and she got three amazing specimens.. along with two pairs on shorts, two jumpers and about three hundred and sixty five videos. YAY ME.

take a nosey at my little treasures...

Hand made boater - £3

White Kangol hat - £2
excuse my ridiculous face, I couldn't control myself

Straw wide brimmed summer hat - £1.50 (best buy)

White dress - Vintage jumble sale £20 for fill a giant bag, and stuff it as full as you can
Blue granny sandals - £2.99 charity shop, originally M&S.


  1. Your photos are really good! And your hats are truly
    coool :D

  2. A W E S O M E H A T S
    I also love the matching poses and facial expressions.

  3. I love Whitstable, it's one of my favourite places in the whole country and I always go for a day trip there in the summer. And I love all of your hats, I think especially the first one, no maybe the second one, oh actually ALL of them! x