Sunday, 21 August 2011


kay so lets get a few things straight. i have wanted creepers for like three years or something now. i was just way too cheap skate to buy new ones. meaning i have had to wait a long long long time (three years) to find a nice pair within my price range. and so i say sorry for buying these in the peak of their popularity when every tom dick and harry has a pair. but lets get another thing straight. i will like them for a whole lot longer than all those toms and dicks. and also they are like kinda ugly really. like they are. which is why it makes me a little angry somebody decided to make them popular. but but see gert likes ugly clothes/shoes. especially platform-ie type things. she lives for the ugly £1 rail type clothing. yay.

£26. ebay. shellys shoes. new. but old.
(still like kinda pricey for gert. but she got bored of waiting. and would kinda like double soled ones.)


  1. wonderfull shoes...great post... check me out on my blog and give me your impressions, please follow me on bloglovin if you like my style... See you..

  2. I like how you refer to yourself in the third person :D eh eh, awesome creepers, amazing price!