Tuesday, 9 August 2011


FINALLY i have got access to a darkroom. like seriously nobody will EVER understand how much time and how hard i have tried to get access to one. now FINALLY i have. i've been on a summer course at the bartlett school of architecture for the last two weeks. and guess what. they have a darkroom. two in fact. and guess what. they let me use it. YAY. like really yay. now see here my first ever printed photo in a darkroom. WOW. isn't it amazing. yes.

the course has been really good. it's given me something to do in my otherwise long and pointless summer holiday where i have nothing to do except see people that also have nothing else to do. it's great. what is also great is now i can laugh at them because i am actually spending two weeks doing something fairly constructive. HA. cool. but next week before we get our AS RESULTS. bahhhhhhh. my very bored friends and i are going to get out of london. yes i know how adventurous of us. and we are going to the seaside in kent. YAY. away from london we shall go. then we get back and get our RESULTS. bahhhh. AJVSANDSJKANVAJSS. be afraid. i am.

the bartlett is cool. and so are their darkrooms. and the guy that presses the button to let you through the gates to get in. he is really cool. i want to be his friend. the other one looks like simon pegg. and he scares me.

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