Thursday, 4 August 2011


It was my 17th birthday on the 2nd. i never really like my birthdays. i don't like getting older. (my friend sent me a text saying "don't worry you still have one more year to get into neverland"). this is sad. also it's always in the summer holidays meaning nobody is around.

this year was kinda cool though. my mother knows how i don't like spending money on silly things. so all my presents were ether free or almost free. it's also funny because there were so many this year. normally i don't get any. people forget about me ha. which is fine i have got used to it. so used to it that when people are around on my birthday that i don't really want to see them. strange.

zeiss ikon maximar.
have yet to learn how to use it. and i'm not even sure that i will ever get it working. but it's cool.

canon mini tripod.
how convenient. needed this for my stop frame animation project.

Nike black & gold 80s tracksuit.

henry holland socks. and pippy longstocking tights.

table spoons bottle.
saw this in an antique shop like a million years ago. my mother must be psychic.

300 teatime treats.

a stitch in time.
this is a seriously amazingly hilarious book. wow wow wow.

and the women all look like prostitutes..

has THEE best quotes.
'please forgive us! she looked so charming, and we were so interested in arranging the cardigan so that the pattern looked well that nobody noticed that she had fastened it up the wrong side over'
'full puff sleeves and a v neck line are most becoming'

'who likes a pretty negligee?'

the big book of needlecraft - from ma sibling. love these old books and their illustrations.

good birthday.

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  1. Cool camera. Thought you might be interested in this. It's probably not going to be cheap, but worth a look: