Thursday, 2 June 2011

gosh more clothes.

ha american apparel. how do you feel. i can make a skirt pretty much identical to yours. and guess what. it didn't cost me £32. it was FREEEE. turned an ugly dress into a skirt and a top. ooo and i got new shoes. ma mamma's friend gave them to her (me). A NOM. A NOM. A NOM.

make avatar
this is fun. but the pictures scare me a little. looks like i'm humping the air. har. oh dear.

kay so basically all my family members are getting angry with my amount of clothings. literally overflowing. so i think i might just sell the stuff i don't love a dearly as my other clothes. although that will probably just lead to buying even more clothes. BUT. hey ho. shhh just don't tell them. might make an ebay shop OR post some stuff on here and just see if people make any offers. maybe maybe. if i can bare to part with such treasurable thangs.

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