Saturday, 2 April 2011

day 1

make a gif
green checked trousers, 50p (something close to that), leather belt with weird colorfulness inside, again probs about 50p, giant ralph lauren green stripped shirt, £1. glasses. my glasses.

hokay so, hears the plan. you know how i was like i'm gonna take a picture of what i am wearing every day, then in 365 days i will have 365 outfits, that would be cool huh? not original, but fun anyhows. so yup this is the first. april the first. not an april fools, wouldn't be funny anyway. PAH. but yus so this is number ONE. i shant post then, it is just for me self BUT yus i like to ramble. brings be joy. kay bai. i shall shup now. go and do some textiles prep for me exam on mondays...

wow that all made no sense, but i think you understand.

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