Friday, 11 February 2011

best i-D cover in a long time!!

i'm lovin' it


  1. Hey Gert. I am starting my own Blog. Not sure what direction I will take it (theme wise) tho. I don't own any really cool stuff or play music.

  2. I'm sure you own lots and lots of cool stuff, I would be interested in just the generalness of lindsay, like the 'cool' gritty-ness of it, like how its a complete culture shock for someone like me to go there, its amazing like how different things are. like its funny if somewhere like downtown toronto was in london, it would be like crazy popular and 'trendy'.. I donno all you need is a camera and come creative thinking to get started, just have fun and do whatever inspires you. MAKE SOMETHING. TAKE SOME PHOTOS,. DRAW. PAINT. CREATE!!! :D