Friday, 18 February 2011

a bertie a alicia a hattie

photos taken on my nikkormat (now with a stupid broken light meter). iso 160 portrait colour film (expired) - in love with it, seems to take some seriously nice photos. but colours look a lot better in real life.


  1. these are so nice and theres somethin so good about that boys face x

  2. naww thanks.. but yeeyer, I wasn't so sure as I had never used him, thought he might be kinda awkward, but NO he was surprisingly quite good (his hair is annoying me tho, blah why didn't i think about that at the time). ha I'm so kind. I had this image in my mind of who I wanted and he seemed so perfect. x x

  3. This is a NICE series of shots, that ones of the boy and that last one in particular! Those shoes on my blog were made by the girl from Girl a la Mode I think, they're one-off custom made I think. Let me know if you find a shoemaker! x