Saturday, 20 October 2012

today has been a good day..

 ventured around town with jack today. went to the tim walker exhibition at somerset house. it was actually really good. well curated. and FREE. that's always nice. 
i want a chair like this when i grow up. maybe not foxes. but something.
then after lots of looking at things and walking we went home and cooked dinner. then i baked a cake.

 and a night in. which is nice. watching videos and makings my sisters birthday card. she's 20 tomorrow. SO OLD. crazy.
everything seems to finally (not completely) be coming together. i've felt so inspired and driven by things lately. which is like REALLY nice. having ideas and imaginations all the time. imaginations are the best *smile* *tilts head* couple more boxes to tick. then i'm good to go!

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