Saturday, 28 May 2011

end of exams..

ma mummy got me a peter rabbit jelly mould for an end of exams present. ah fanks mum. seriously best thing ever (this isn't sarcasm, i am seriously excited by it. like really really excited).
and i bought lychee jelly today. BET YOU'RE JELL!!

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made some mochi. NOM NOM NOM.
the best thing about having literally no more exams/commitments/work/due dates ect ect.. meannss I AM FREE. and i can now start on all my silly projects. and cook mochi. and make peter rabbit jelly. and read all my 'put to the side magazines'. and start reading some REAL books. and draw. and go out out. and make clothes. and SMILE. and laugh. and be awesome again. or not. but that's fine. at least i can now be MYSELF.

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