Saturday, 26 March 2011

a couple a clothes, over a couple a weeks.

when ma glasses broke. i did sit on them.
wanna start taking a picture like this everyday. 365 of them, that would be pretty AWESOME. yay.

new glasses
kinda bad. but they're kinda good.
at least I can see now.

p.s. ma art and ma textiles exams will be over in two weeks SO i get have my life back YAY ME.


  1. wow, where are your glasses from!

    Your kickers are looking great. I really like that outfit.

    Also, I have that camera thing too- I got it in the hayward... a suprisingly long time ago now that i think about it!

  2. specsavers - YEE BOI.

    ah fanks, they make my feet hurt tho ;o guess you have to suffer to look good tho, so tis all good!!

    Ohhh really, sammmee (I THINK). well from one of those galleries, was a pressie :D