Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Adidas Screen Print Shirt.

plastic bag
white cotton
mosquito net
Made these three different crew necked shirt things for my AS textiles project.
something to do with labels and what they are really worth.. also inspired by those little paper dolls you had when you were little, where you would pop their clothes out and using the little tabs clip them to the dolls body. mmm nostalgia.
wow, I should really take my hands of my waist once in a while...


  1. hehe funny!

    It is interesting in what essence lies in a label, to some people it's just a symbol and to others it has a lot of history and integrity.

    I suppose it brings some kind of element to design, like your tshirts- a very simple almost none design shape in throwaway materials suddenly feels more valuable and interesting because it has that symbol.

  2. LOVE these, if you'd ever lend me them for a shoot (id give you full credit n everything or even shoot you in it) it'd be rad xxx woops sorry if i seem a bit eager i noticed you live in london!

  3. Hahaa, no that would be awesome, 'sharing is caring'. And it would be fun.. donno if you would want me, I'm perhaps better behind the camera than in front of it, but yush yush, sounds tres interessant... x x

  4. *maybe I am now sounding too eager har har