Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Too many clothes

Went to the east end thrift store jumble sale on saturday and got another HUGE bag of clothes... my mother was not happy. i was.

best item was possibly this - little be of thee 'dirty fluffy' going on.

unfortunately it has to be dry cleaned.. GEES LOUISE

and this.

and maybe this. its grose right? yup.

and this too.

and these!! been wanting something like these for ever!

rest of the bag was mainly taken up of dresses, all of which now need 'Gerts magic touch' ie, customisation... there all ether, too long, to fat, too thin or too wrong, and all VERY dirty 'fluffy' and smelly. 'yellow and faded' as my Dad likes to say, or maybe I said that, who knows..

well thats enough for now.


enjoy and feel jealous of all my 'dirty fluffys'.

doubt you're feeling jealous. ah shucks


1 comment:

  1. I went to that jumble sale too *twirls* got some amazing stuff.
    Love those dungaree you got.